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When you turn to us for tree removal, we embark on a comprehensive journey. We leave no detail unchecked, considering everything from septic systems and well locations. Our transparent approach offers insights into our process, costs, and what you can anticipate. And whether you opt to keep the wood or have it removed, above all, our dedication is to leave your property cleaner than when we arrived and ensure a stress-free experience for you.

When to consider tree removal

Are you wondering if your tree is in need of removal? Several key indicators suggest it might be time to consider this important step. If you notice your tree lacking healthy foliage, displaying signs of decay, or suffering from insect infestations, these are clear signs of an unhealthy tree. Additionally, leaning or partially uprooted trees, trees growing dangerously close to power lines, or dead trees near your home can be immediate causes for concern.

Professional tree service with excellent customer service

When you need a tree professional that you can trust, we hope you reach out and experience customer service as it should be. We’ll handle all of your tree services including tree trimming and stump grinding. You’ll be happy to know we provide professional tree services to Catawba, Burke, Alexander, and Caldwell counties in North Carolina.

Expert tree removal service with ISA Certified Arborists

If you're uncertain about your tree's health, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our Certified Arborist at ArborPro Tree Service is more than happy to assess the situation and provide you with a qualified opinion. We’re here to ensure that your property remains safe and your trees stay in optimal health.

Get a free estimate for peace of mind

At ArborPro Tree Service, we understand the importance of trust and transparency. We offer free estimates for your tree removal needs, ensuring you're fully informed about the process and the associated costs. With over a decade of experience in tree removal, you can rely on our expertise and dedication to handle your tree removal project with precision and care.

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