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As a certified arborist in Granite Falls, NC, we provide professional tree risk assessments and expert tree health services to help you achieve both beauty and safety. A tree that appears healthy on the outside might have underlying issues that can pose significant risks. This is where our tree risk assessment services come into play. Our certified arborist is trained to identify potential tree hazards, even when they're not readily apparent, allowing us to take preventive measures and mitigate potential dangers.

Our commitment to you

At ArborPro Tree Service, we believe in transparency, integrity, and outstanding customer service. When you choose us for tree risk assessments and tree health services, you're choosing a partner dedicated to the longevity, safety, and beauty of your trees. We take the time to communicate our findings effectively and provide you with clear, honest recommendations for tree care.

What does an unhealthy tree look like?

It's important to remember that symptoms may vary depending on the tree species and the specific issues it faces, but typically an unhealthy tree can exhibit several of these visible signs of distress, including:

  • Leaf discoloration: Yellowing, browning, or premature dropping of leaves can indicate a problem.
  • Dead or dying branches: Dead or decaying branches within the canopy are often a sign of trouble.
  • Thinning canopy: A reduction in the density of leaves or branches can suggest declining health.
  • Unusual growth: The development of abnormal growth patterns, like excessive sprouting or stunted growth, can be a concern.
  • Cracks or cankers: The presence of cracks or cankers in the bark may indicate disease or pest infestations.
  • Fungal growth: The appearance of mushrooms or fungal conks at the base of the tree or on the trunk may signify internal decay, but not always.
  • Insect activity: Visible signs of insect infestation, such as tunnels or holes in the bark, may be evident.
  • Root problems: Shallow roots, root rot, or girdling roots can affect a tree's stability and health.
  • Leaning or uprooted: Trees that start leaning or become partially uprooted pose immediate hazards. We offer emergency tree services for these scenarios.
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