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When storms strike, trees can become a formidable force of destruction. Fallen trees, whether they've impacted your home, car, shed, yard, or other trees, can pose immediate hazards and demand swift action. At ArborPro Tree Service we're here when you're faced with the aftermath of storm damage. We offer specialized storm damage tree removal services, including crane-assisted removal, to ensure your safety and property's restoration.

Trust in local expertise

As a locally owned and operated tree company in Granite Falls, NC, we have an understanding of the unique challenges and tree species in the area. Our professional Arborists are equipped to handle storm damage and tree removal with the expertise and local knowledge you can rely on.

The urgency of storm damage tree removal

Fallen trees can damage your property, pose safety risks, and even hinder access to your home. Our expert team understands the urgency of such situations and is ready to respond swiftly, day or night, to mitigate the damage and remove the threat.

Why ArborPro Tree Service?

Safety is our top priority. We take every precaution to ensure that the removal process is safe for your property and our team. We are fully insured and have the equipment necessary to handle your fallen or hazardous tree. While your neighbors may offer to help remove a dangerous tree, it should be left to the professionals for your safety and theirs.

We offer emergency tree services

When a tree has fallen due to storm damage, it's crucial to address the situation promptly. That’s why we offer 24/7 tree service to help our neighbors in Granite Falls and surrounding areas.

Man cutting up a fallen tree

The role of the crane

In cases where a fallen tree is particularly large, landed on a structure or has landed in a hard-to-reach location, a crane can be a lifesaver. Our crane-assisted removal services allow us to access and safely remove trees and minimize damage to your property. Whether a tree has fallen into your home, storage building or car, our crane provides the necessary reach and precision to handle the job.

When storms strike and fallen trees threaten your property, reach out today!

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